Calling card

Immersiivinen murhamysteeri pakolautapelin muodossa!

Calling Card is an escape game that mixes puzzles, narrative, and technology to immerse you in a challenging experience so carefully designed that it may be impossible for you to distinguish reality from fiction. A box full of mysteries and enigmas will reach your hands. With the materials, codes, and clues hidden inside, you must use your ingenuity and match the objects to solve the case.


In this new adventure, you will have to put all your deductive and investigative skills to the test because what seemed like an average case has become a twisted game. Your role will be to stop and unmask the terrible plans of a distinguished psychopath master of manipulation and specialist in the deepest and darkest instincts that guide the actions of the human being. Who is behind all this?


  • Yli 8 tunnin edestä pelattavaa
  • Yli 50 pulmaa
  • 6 yllätyksiä täynnä olevaa kirjekuorta
  • Yli 12 verkkosivustoa

Pelin kielivaihtoehdot: Englanti, Espanja, Ranska, Saksa Pelaajamäärä: 1–8 Kesto: 8h+ Ikäsuositus: 14+


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