Kalinasu is an Escape box that mixes puzzles, narrative, and technology to immerse you in a challenging experience so carefully designed that it may be impossible for you to distinguish reality from fiction. A box full of mysteries will come to your hands. With materials, codes and clues hidden inside, you will have to use your wits and combine the objects to find the lost treasure.


This time you will have to bring out the adventurer in you and travel all over the world testing your skills of exploration, research and search for enigmas. A coin from a legendary treasure has just appeared, proving that it is not a myth and only you can find it.

There were a lot of temples dedicated to worship the sun, but there was a special one from the Kalinasu civilization that worshiped the moon and housed a treasure full of coins made with a special metal that fell from the sky during the full moon. This is known as "The Treasure of Moon Gold", and a single piece of it would be worth millions.


  • 8 paperista pulmakokonaisuutta vinkkeineen ja ohjeineen
  • 3 yllätyksiä täynnä olevaa kirjekuorta
  • Digitaalista sisältöä: 7 verkkosivustoa täynnä videoita, chatteja, sähköposteja etc.

Pelin kielivaihtoehdot: Englanti, Espanja, Ranska, Saksa Pelaajamäärä: 1–4 Kesto: 4h+ Ikäsuositus: 14+


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