Wizcape Academy

Are your magic skills good enough for you to join the magic academy?

Wizcape Academy is an escape game that mixes puzzles, narrative and technology, immersing you in a magical world. An envelope full of enigmas and magical elements will come to your hands. You will have to use your wits to solve all the puzzles, pass the tests and join the magic academy.


In this adventure, you will have to use your magical power and test all your senses to pass the entrance exam to the magic academy. Will you be able to perform the spells and prepare the potions correctly? Your magical powers are awakening. It's time to prove that you have excellent magical skills, will you be able to enter the Wizcape academy and become part of one of the four great houses?

You’ll find magic object that hide things not visible to simple muggles. Get lost in the rooms of the school and attend potions class and try to not blow up the school. Get ready for your first day of school that you’ll never forget.

Go through the academy and interact with the teachers, you will learn the magic arts and the ancient language of the wizards. Cast spells, incantations, prepare potions, learn about magical animals and depending on your choices, you will end up in one of the 4 great houses. Play solo or with friends and experience 2 hours of a magical experience that will put your brain to the test.


  • Peliohje
  • Yli kahden tunnin edestä ratkottavaa
  • 2 mystistä kirjekuorta
  • 3 pulmakorttia
  • 7 mystistä objektia
  • Kartta

Peliin sisältyvät kielivaihtoehdot: Englanti, Espanja Pelaajamäärä: 1–6 Kesto: 2h+ Ikäsuositus: 14+


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